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Fire Damage

Fire damage before and after repairs - exterior

Fire damage before and after repairs - interior

Fire can be the most devastating thing to happen to you and your home and unfortunately fire damage is not uncommon and its effects can be traumatic. Concept understands the destruction that fire can cause to your home and work with you at every stage of the claim.

Our main aim is to take away the stress and pressures you may be under, by surveying and negotiating your property claim with your insurer for you to ensure a fair settlement. We then use our vetted contractors to reinstate your home as swiftly as possible.

Heat is not just the only effect of fire, there are two other side effects that we also take into consideration:

Smoke Damage:

A combination of heat and pressure forces smoke and an acrid smell to penetrate through cracks in walls and floorboards. Once the fire has died the building begins to cool and the smoke gets trapped. Smoke can linger for years, so fire damaged properties need to be professionally detoxified in order to prevent serious conditions such as acidic attacks or residual odour problems. Carbon deposits must be completely eradicated before redecoration can take place.

Soot Damage:

Never underestimate the corrosive power of soot. Left to its own devices, it will attack and destroy all wiring and electronic components. Fire damage cleaning has to be thoroughly carried out to complete restoration of a fire damaged property.

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